Schreibtisch mit Sideboard aus Palisander & Stahlrohrgestell von H. Kö...

7 200.00 EUR

A desk from Tecta designed by Hans Könecke and produced in a smaller series during the 1960s. Rosewood veneer and tubular steel base. The double tabletop features integrated deep drawers. One side of the tabletop rests on top of the matching sideboard. The latter features an aluminum cover with a moulded handle hiding a hanging filing compartment or a bar. Sliding doors, drawers with aluminum handles, plexiglas drawers, a secret compartment with a push fastener. No deep scratches or chips. Measurements (W/D/H): Desk: 200 x 90 x 75 cm, sideboard 175 x 50 x 82 cm.

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